vectorstock_474196If you have ever had a hard drive failure on your computer you will know the stress it causes, if you haven’t yet experienced it…I guarantee you will sooner or later, sorry!

The hard drive on your computer will last for 2/5 years depending on its use, you may think  “Ah it won’t happen to me” as I say given time it will. I thought it would never happen to me too until the dreaded day it did then I endured weeks of misery, firstly my computer was taken to be repaired 5+ days, luckily all the data was recovered and re-installed on a new hard drive, a fresh installation of my operating system was installed, and $300 later I had my computer back – great you may think – no harm done except having no computer for 5 days, well its not quite as simple as that, when the data is retrieved from your old hard drive (if it can be retrieved) or even if you have your hard drive backed up onto an external drive as any sensible person would do there is something you don’t realise…ALL THE SOFTWARE  APPLICATIONS AND OPERATING SYSTEMS INSTALLED ON YOUR OLD DRIVE ARE NOT THERE!  When data is retrieved from an old drive, or imported from an external backup none of the installed applications are even on the backup drive .

When it happened to me I had dozens of software applications installed on my old hard drive, the only option was to re-install them from discs or by contacting the software companies themselves and digging out my old receipts for the programs to prove I owned the software, then I could follow the links and get all the software back on my computer, it was a nightmare! For the best part of a week I was Re-installing programs , some to this day I was unable to do.hd2

Now I’m smart, I clone my hard drive at regular intervals, cloning is different to backups, a clone is an exact copy of your existing hard drive onto another hard drive…operating system, software, videos, photos, files, everything. So in the event of a hard drive failure all you need to do is pop the new drive in your computer and its like nothing ever happened!

Cloning your hard drive is not too difficult if you know how, if you don’t know how we have started a new hard drive cloning service to do it for you, we will come to your home or place of work/business and supply you with a new hard drive relevant to your computer, a hard drive enclosure and usb cables. We will then install a piece of software on your computer to enable the transfer of data and programs from your existing drive to a brand new one, a mirror image copy, so when your old drive goes kaputt all you need to do is take the cloned drive and replace the old one saving you countless hours/days of  grief.

The new drive will be a snapshot of the time the drive is cloned, any software updates done on your old drive after this will not be added unless the cloned drive is updated.

We offer this service for a one off price of $245 which includes a new 500gb hard drive, 1TB – (1000gb)  available for additional $50,  an external enclosure and usb cables. Depending on the size of your hard drive contents the whole process can take a few hours to migrate – example, 250GB – around 3/4 hours.

We only service the greater Sydney and eastern suburbs area at the moment  contact us for more details.

*Note in some instances certain cloned software applications  may be inconsistent due to hardware changes, we are not responsible for any of these changes*